It’s been a long time since we updated you on what’s happening in Liberty Village. Please take a minute and catch up on what’s happening. Most importantly, please pray for us!

New Location

   <figure class="wp-block-image"><img src="/content/images/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/img.jpg" alt="Some of the people who helped us clean our new location"><figcaption>Some of the people who helped us clean our new location</figcaption></figure> 

You may remember that we lost our old location at a dance studio suddenly in April. God provided a new location for us at 25 Liberty, a prime high-visibility street-level location. Best of all, we have this space 24/7 instead of just a few hours a week.

We’ve been enjoying this new location, and have seen an increase in the number of people coming on Sundays to check us out. It’s been fun watching people react to our signs. People who walk by can’t believe that there’s a church in Liberty Village. In fact, one person convinced himself that Liberty Grace Church is the name of a new restaurant. Please pray that our new space will give us greater visibility in the community, and help us connect with more people.

Grand Opening

We’re holding a Grand Opening event this coming Sunday from 11-3, featuring ice cream, a dog wash, a photo booth, games, and live music from Liam Kinnon. We’ll be hitting the streets this Saturday and inviting people. We’re hoping to personally invite 1,200 people in the community.

Our new location is right across from the Liberty Village Farmer’s Market, and there will be lots of foot traffic in the area on Sunday as well.

Please pray for our grand opening. We are hoping to meet some people who are spiritually open and interested in exploring the Christian faith. We believe that God is preparing people, and we can’t wait to meet them.

Sermon Series

We hit the streets of Liberty Village and asked people: “If you were in a room alone with God, and could ask him one question, what would that be?” The results were interesting. You can watch the videos of some questions here. We are currently preaching though some commonly asked questions of God and of Christianity.


Are you handy? We have some work that we need to do at our new location. Contact us and let me know if you are able to help. We could use some carpentry and some basic plumbing.

We’re also looking (and praying) for some of the following supplies:

  • Laundry sink
  • Office chair
  • Patio furniture
  • Refrigerator (mini or full)
  • Water cooler
  • 50" or larger flat screen TV

Please let us know if you have leads on any of the above items.

Summer Student

   <figure class="wp-block-image"><img src="" alt="Sara-Kate Alchin"><figcaption>Sara-Kate Alchin</figcaption></figure> 

We received a grant from the Government of Canada to hire a summer student as a Community Worker. This student will be helping us in the following areas:

  • Researching community needs
  • Coordinating annual summer festivities and events
  • Coordinating local community celebrations
  • Coordinating community events targeting children, youth, and seniors
  • Developing partnerships with other local charities serving persons who are homeless or street-involved, and other groups with social or employment barriers including literacy and numeracy
  • Coordinating volunteers in serving the community

I'd like to introduce you to the student we've hired for eight weeks. Her name is Sara-Kate Alchin. She's a 20-year-old social work student at Ryerson, living downtown. She's excited to meet everyone at Liberty and work with them. "I feel like God is going to do great things in this church!" she says.

Please pray for Sara-Kate. We're happy to be working with her.


Our new location costs twice what our old one did, plus a large security deposit. At times we've wondered how God will provide. God continues to surprise us. Just this past weekend, we received an unexpected donation that allowed us to pay our outstanding bills for this month. God is good! Please pray that God will provide, and that we will continue to trust.

Keep In Touch

How can we pray for you? Please drop us a line and let us know.

Thank you for your partnership with us. We really appreciate your prayers!

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