• Please arrive by 3:30 to make the coffee and tea, and to set it out on the snack table. Instructions for the coffee machine are below.
  • Put cream on table.
  • Make sure there’s enough sugar, tea, coffee cups, and stir sticks on the table.
  • Please don’t forget to drain the coffee and put away the supplies about 20-30 minutes after the end of the service.
  • If we’re running short on any supplies, please add it to the shopping list on the fridge.

We appreciate your help in making Liberty Grace Church hospitable.

Coffee Machine Instructions

  • Get the coffee machine ready — Turn the switch on at the back, if it isn’t on already. Wait for the light on the front to go green. This takes about 20 minutes.
  • Grind the coffee — Make sure that the grinder has beans in the top, and that the tray to catch the grinds is empty. The dial should be set to 9 cups. Press the button twice, so that you grind enough coffee for 18 cups.
  • Prepare the coffee machine — Put a paper filter in the basket, and put the grinds in the filter. Put the basket in the slot.
  • Pour coffee into the machine — Fill the plastic pitcher to the line with water. Put the coffee carafe to catch the coffee as it comes out of the basket. Check again that the light is green, and pour the water into the top of the machine. The coffee should start to drip immediately.
  • Put the coffee out — Put the coffee out on the table, along with cream from the fridge. Make sure there’s enough cups, sugar, sweetener, etc.
  • Clean up — Empty the filter and grinds into the garbage. Twenty minutes after the service ends, clean the carafe and put away the cream.

Thank you for serving!