Tomorrow, Dwayne will be preaching on Acts 7:12-60 and what it means to be commended by God. How have you dealt with either opposition to your faith or persecution for your faith? When friends, family members or colleagues are questioning your faith or your intellectual sanity because of your belief in Jesus, as Lord and Saviour, how do you respond? When do you simply listen? When do you ask them questions? When do you engage with them and how direct should you be? The religious leaders of the day brought false accusations against Stephen. Stephen knew as they were condemning him that God was commending him. 

See you at 4 pm!

Other items of note --

  • ZOOM: Sunday Service (opens at 4pm). Reply to this email if there are any issues during the service. We can't always guarantee that we can do much, but we will do our best!
  • Study with Dwayne: He will be helping us look at the Wealthy and Impoverished on April 28 at 1:00pm. RSVP to this email if you are coming.
  • Potluck and Prayer: This Tuesday, April 30, we are having our monthly potluck and prayer. The first hour is for eating together (please bring a dish, dessert, or a drink to share), and the second hour, we will be praying together. Prayer is so important, and we need to do this together now more than ever as we continue to look for a lead pastor.
  • Opportunities to Serve at Church: If you would like to serve at church, follow this link to fill in the form.
  • Story of Faith: Do you have a story about how God has been working in your life? We hope to start sharing some testimonies at church during the service. Dwayne will be leading this, so please sign up on one of these dates, and we will get in touch.
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