UPDATE: For the most recent update, please visit our COVID-19 page.

In the time it took to watch a movie last night, everything seemed to change. Tom Hanks has COVID-19. The NBA suspended its season. Trump suspended flights from Europe to the States.

There’s little doubt that we’ll be dealing with COVID-19. The Globe reports that between 30 and 70% of Canadians will be infected. Thankfully, most of us will recover just fine.

This is the first pandemic in which social media has played a major role. It’s important to remember we’ve been here before many times.

Just a few notes as it affects Liberty Grace Church.

First, this tweet nails it:


We have an opportunity to pray and to serve. Let’s not miss it.

Second, we’ll be making a few tweaks starting this Sunday. Please stay home if you’re sick. Please avoid handshakes and hugs and practice social distancing. And please wash your hands. We won’t have any snacks or coffee, and we’ll be doing communion a little bit differently too. Please check the Toronto Public Health website for updates, but for the time being, we’re still on for Sunday!

Liberty Littles is canceled for the time being.

Finally: let’s look for ways to be realistic about what’s happening, but to also be people of hope. What might God be doing in the middle of something like this?

Looking forward to Sunday.

We'll post updates here as needed.

UPDATE: For the most recent update, please visit our COVID-19 page.

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