Thank you for filling out the Grace Groups Google Form recently or for talking to me (Steffi) about your thoughts regarding the timing.

Due to the way the form was filled out and through discussions, we will be alternating each week with Potluck and Prayer remaining on the first Tuesday of the month. I will do my best to keep up with the emails sent each week to remind you which day we will be meeting. We will meet at Liberty Grace Church (31 Atlantic Ave.) at 7:00pm unless otherwise stated.

Thank you to Godfrey, Blessy and Jamison for being willing to lead us in discussions. Please pray for them during this time.

The schedule for this fall is as follows:

Tuesday, October 3 - Potluck and Prayer
Wednesday, October 11 - Grace Group
Tuesday, October 17 - Grace Group
CANCELLED - [Wednesday, October 25 - Grace Group]
Tuesday, October 31 - Outreach with LGC Children's Ministry at Liberty Village Park

Tuesday, November 8 - Potluck and Prayer
Wednesday, November 15 - Grace Group
Tuesday, November 21 - Grace Group
Wednesday, November 29 - Grace Group

Tuesday, December 5 - Potluck and Prayer
Wednesday, December 13 - Social at Steffi's condo's party room

Tuesday, January 2 - Potluck and Prayer

We will be discussing the sermon during Grace Group.

Don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts, questions, or concerns.


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