If you agreed to lead the congregation in prayer this coming Sunday. The goal is to lead Liberty Grace to pray together as a congregation. Here are a few practical reminders:

  • Keep your prayer between 3-5 minutes. God hears us and we don’t need to be verbose.
  • Pray clearly and articulately. You do not need to rush.
  • If you are nervous about this kind of thing remember to practice ahead of time.
  • Write out what you will pray. You don’t need to read this verbatim but it is very helpful to keep you on track.
  • Be seated in the front row or an accessible location (outside end of row) and ready to come up when your portion of the service arrives.
  • Adjust the mic if needed. Please loosen the mike stand before you adjust it.
  • Say the following before you begin: “Let's bow our heads and approach our God in prayer.”
  • If for any reason people are still standing you may tell them to be seated.
  • When you are finished praying quietly be seated.
  • Please don’t give announcements or preach in your prayer to the congregation. Speak on behalf of the congregation to God, not to the congregation.
  • Please prepare your prayer in advance so that you’re well prepared.

Here is the basic outline of the weekly prayer:

  • Pray for the glory of God in our Church.
  • Pray for our effectiveness in loving and serving the community for God’s glory.
  • Pray for any particular needs and ministries within our church.
  • Pray for the mission of God through churches in our city, country, and world. You should receive a church to pray for when you get a copy of the liturgy. Thank you for leading in this important ministry.