1. You should receive a copy of the liturgy by Friday. You an also log in to Planning Center to view the liturgy.
  2. Open Proclaim on your computer.
  3. Duplicate the previous week’s presentation to start. Using the menu, choose File -> Duplicate Recent -> last week’s presentation. Near the top left of the screen, rename the presentation with this week’s date.
  4. Choose the preservice items, and right-select. Set them for a 4:29 p.m. countdown, and then advance.
  5. Delete the songs from last week.
  6. Input each song from this week’s liturgy. Chose Add Item -> Reuse Item, and search for the song title. If you can’t find the song, choose Add Item -> Song, and search for the song. Drag each song to the right part of the service, and repeat for each song.
  7. Update the Scripture reading with the correct Scripture from the liturgy. At the top of the screen for the Scripture reading, enter the correct text and click the arrow to the right. Be sure that it updates the slides correctly.
  8. Go through the presentation and update the following slides: welcome (if there is a responsive reading, etc.), confession of faith, prayer of confession, and assurance of pardon.
  9. Check that the announcements for the slides match the liturgy.

That’s it! You’re done. Please let me know if you have any problems.