If you play an instrument or like to sing we could love for you to participate in our worship teams. You would have a small audition with one of our worship leaders and attend one of the Thursday night worship practices to experience playing on our teams. If it is a good fit we would incorporate you into one of our regular teams and you would play/sing about once a month.

Worship teams come at 2:00 or 2:30 for practice on Sunday. You would receive the music and chords a few days prior and would be expected to come to the worship practice on Sunday fully rehearsed and ready to play/sing. Occasionally we may have practices on Thursday nights.

Upon arrival on Sunday you should aim to:

  • Practice individual songs as a team and decide on the final arrangement of the songs
  • Practice song endings, intros, and transitions so they are smooth musically
  • Work with the Sound operator to ensure the band sounds good through the main speakers and that the monitor speaker has a good mix so that the band stays in sync
  • By 3:15, practice the whole setlist as a run through, including transitions as if you were playing live
  • Work with the person operating Proclaim to ensure lyrics and song arrangements are correct
  • Finish all practice by 3:50

We strive to cultivate an attitude of personal worship where we are more focused on God than we are trying to perform. We also want to be the best enablers of corporate worship, and to minimize distracting elements. Practically, this requires a degree of skill in playing and singing through continuing to practice and improve musically.

If you have strong leadership skills as well as musical skills and have interest in putting together services, there are opportunities to serve as a worship leader of a team or participate in putting together the service liturgies.

Thank you for participating in leading our Church in worship to God!