On Sunday, July 15 between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., Liberty Grace Church is going public in Liberty Village! We are very excited to have a table at the Liberty Village Farmers Market where we will offer corn, Liberty Grace bottled water and face painting as we build connections with people who live in the community.

Jesus has already told us that the harvest is plentiful! Here are some ways that you can join us as we labour for His kingdom:

Event volunteers (includes a complimentary Liberty Grace Church T-shirt!)

  • paint faces
  • general set up and prepare corn
  • cook and serve corn
  • hand out water
  • chat with those who visit the table
  • clean up

Pre & Post Event Volunteers

  • purchase or pick up donated supplies/equipment
  • relabel water bottles
  • prepare butter
  • pray with us
  • return equipment and excess supplies

Loan equipment

  • 2 camp burners and
  • 2 stock pots

Donate supplies or funds for supplies

  • disposable propane tanks
  • napkins
  • paper trays
  • butter
  • salt and pepper
  • cheese cloth
  • water bottles
  • face painting materials

Pray for us

  • That the Lord would go ahead of us, prepare hearts for our presence and melt away opposition
  • For the Lord's provision of volunteers, equipment and supplies
  • For God's grace to be alive in our hearts, words and deeds bringing honour to the Lord as we work with one another and serve the Liberty Village community

Interested? Need more information? Contact us online or phone 647-361-7669.

Thanks for partnering with us as we plant Liberty Grace church!

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