Introducing Nathan Fullerton

Photo compliments of Orvin Lao
Photo compliments of Orvin Lao

Last year, when we started to plant Liberty Grace Church, we prayed that God would send us people who could work alongside us. God has been faithful in answering this prayer.

Having a solid team is one of the most important factors in planting a church. According to one study, it is one of the most significant factors that distinguishes fast-growing church plants from struggling ones.

That's why I'm encouraged to announce that one of our team members is joining us as a church planting apprentice. His name is Nathan Fullerton, and this is his story:

In the summer of 1995, I first heard and witnessed the power of the Gospel through my brother Ryan. I repented and believed shortly after and very early on felt the desire to serve the Lord with my whole life. In 1999 I moved to Toronto and learned first hand about the impact and importance of Church planting from my then future father-law Dr. Stephen Beck. I was married to Sarah in 2002 and graduated from Toronto Baptist Seminary in 2003. Over the next 10 years I served as a lay leader in a few different Church contexts both in Toronto and Louisville, KY. Eventually after some time in the U.S., Sarah and I returned to Toronto with the desire to be part of God's work in Canada.
About a year ago I became aware of the Church planting efforts of Darryl Dash in Liberty Village. Over the next 12 months God brought us from simply being interested in the work in Liberty Village to actually moving into the neighourhood and working along side Darryl and Charlene. We love the city and love the opportunity to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to this amazing community.
Sarah and I have four crazy and energetic kids Susanna (9), Jacob (7), Bruce (5), and Ruth (2).

We are so encouraged that God has brought Nathan, Sarah, and his family to work alongside us as we plant this church.

Interested in hearing about Nathan's vision for church planting, or having him speak, or joining his support team? Email him at Please pray for Nathan!

What's Happening

We are still working hard as we prepare for a public launch at the end of September. We have a number of events planned in the next couple of months, including:

  • Community BBQ on August 17
  • Liberty Village Farmers Market on August 18 and October 6
  • The Fall Liberty Village Art Crawl on September 13-14

We will also be advertising our launch in the community in September. Please pray for us!

99 People Needed

We are so thankful for the generous partners who have come alongside us to help us plant this church. We are currently sitting at just over 25% support. If you have not already done so, would you consider partnering with us? We are praying for 101 people to join us by supporting us monthly:

  • 12 people to give $250/month
  • 30 people to give $100/month
  • 57 people to give $50/month

These funds will help us with outreach and in creating ministries to serve the people who live here. We are praying that we will be able to reach full support this summer so we are well prepared for our launch in September.

Please visit this page to learn more. Thank you in advance for helping us make disciples in Liberty Village.

Please Partner With Us

Please pray for us. We need people to pray for this church plant, and we would be grateful if you add us to your prayer list and pray for us regularly.

Please consider joining us. We need good people who have a passion to help build a church community from the ground up, and to serve the wider community. Please contact me if you would like to join us, or if you know of anyone who may be interested.

Please partner with us financially. We are especially looking for individuals and families who will contribute monthly. In the life of an urban church plant, every dollar counts. Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry that will pay eternal dividends.

You're always welcome to join us at one of our Launch Community meetings. Details are at

We’re so excited about what God is doing, and we appreciate your interest and support. Please keep in touch and let us know how we can pray for you.

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