I can’t believe it’s the end of the month. Where did January go? We’re working on a year-end update for Liberty Grace Church, but I wanted to give you two snapshots into what has been going on here in Liberty Village.

First, we had our first baptism. We have prayed for and anticipated this day, and it was exciting. We had three people scheduled to be baptized, although one had to pull out due to some family commitments. Here are some pictures from the day.

Second, we’ve been reminded often that this is God’s work. One day our worship leader was away, and our backup worship leader couldn’t make it due to the ice storm. This was just a few hours before our Saturday night gathering, and I was feeling a little frustrated. Within minutes of finding out that we were without a worship leader, a supporter from Timmins called saying that he was in town and offering to help out with music. He came, and they did a great job.

A friend of mine calls these kinds of things “love deposits.” They are regular reminders from God that He is active and He provides what we need.

There’s so much else to tell you. We are encouraged by the connections we’re making in the community, and we feel blessed that God has allowed us to be part of this adventure. We are also keenly aware that this is far beyond our abilities, and that we need God’s help. We’ve also seen evidences this past month that what God is doing will not go unopposed. Thank God that the victory is ours in Jesus.

Please continue to pray for us. Thank you for your support!

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P.S. Here is an ad that is going out in the Liberty Village magazine, being distributed next week.

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