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Exciting News from Liberty Grace Church!

We are thrilled to announce Pastor Godfrey Paruthivilai as our new Senior Pastor! As many of you know, Pastor Godfrey has been a cherished member of our church and was recently inducted as an elder earlier this year. We can't wait to see where God leads us in...

Steffi Friyia

Compassion Sunday

On Sunday, we are thrilled to announce a special visit from Compassion Canada! This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about their impactful work in releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name. We are honored to have Will Lee, one of our esteemed elders, speaking during the visit....

Grace Group Update

Grace Group are on hold for the summer EXCEPT on: June 19 July 17 August 14 Look forward to seeing you then!...

Steffi Friyia

Navigating Doctrinal Disagreements

On Sunday, Dwayne will be preaching on Acts 15 and on how to navigate through doctrinal disagreements. Navigating the various doctrinal positions can be challenging. This is partly why we have various denominations. What does a Christian need to believe to be considered a Christian? What doctrinal freedom do we...

Steffi Friyia

Potluck and Prayer: Tuesday, June 4

Tuesday is an important night. We will be having our monthly potluck and prayer at church (31 Atlantic) from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. During the first hour, we will be breaking bread together, and in the second hour, we will take our prayers to the Father. Please bring...

Steffi Friyia

Gospel Contextualization

On Sunday, Dwayne will be preaching on Acts 14:1-22 and what gospel contextualization means. As the Apostle Paul spends time with the Gentiles, he preaches the same gospel in a way that they can understand it. His starting point is different with the Gentiles than it is with his...

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