Rather than writing my own update, I asked three friends in the community to write this month's update for Liberty Grace Church.

Katie writes:

I strongly feel that Liberty Grace Church has made Liberty Village a better place to live. They have many events in the Liberty Village such as: game nights, BBQs, Christmas tree lightings and support and prayers for anyone in need. On Saturdays when I have gone to church I always leave feeling like we are all living in a great community and I am happy to have met such amazing people!

Jill writes:

For me Liberty Grace Church made me feel as if I belong to a real community. I have become friends with so many of my neighbours because of the Board Game Nights, and all of the other events that you and Nathan hosts. When I walk around my neighbourhood people smile and say hi now compared to a few years ago where people ignored each other. I can talk to Nathan about any and everything at any time.

Rodney writes:

Liberty Grace Church is obviously instrumental in helping connect people in the community — get them talking, engaging, meeting - Pot Lucks, BBQs, Movie in the Park. This results in greater support networks — a drive, a drop-off, a helpful soul while in chemo. Of course actively being out in and building activities in the communities too (same support/meeting/sharing/talking goals) — Board Games, Running Room. AND being out and encouraging awareness and participation in community events - Art Crawls, Jane's Walks, Homegrown National Park, Lighting the Park, Pub Nights, etc. etc. The church (and its members) are core to keeping up the shared energy of the community which builds/encourages/supports/shares.

Also, by being positive and helpful and building the community network of people we get great help/support as needed - for each other, for finding lost dogs, for helping when a condo explodes and people are hiking stairs and maybe out of their home. We don't do it alone but we show a solid core and people respond to this and it encourages more POSITIVE responses and helpful attitudes. This builds a community that people want.

We're grateful to serve in Liberty Village, and we're grateful for your prayers. Please continue to pray for us!

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