If you agreed to serve as a greeter, You will help to welcome people to our church, some of whom may be attending for the first time.

  • Please plan on arriving by 3:35 so that we’re prepared for when people arrive.
  • Have some communication cards on hand, as well as the brochures and bags for newcomers.
  • Offer a communication card to everyone who arrives.
  • Offer newcomers a bag for newcomers. Answer any questions they may have, and welcome them sincerely. If there are two of you, one could go inside and show them around (coffee table, where washrooms are located, etc.).
  • If our regulars stay outside to chat, gently remind them that you want to be focused on your greeting responsibilities, and that you will talk to them after the service.
  • Wait outside until the first songs are over, and Scripture is being read.

We appreciate your willingness to serve in this important ministry.