• Arrive at 2:30
  • Set up mics, cables, etc. per scheduled band on Planning Center.
  • Set up keyboard (if the band needs it)
  • Power on FOH Mixer
  • Switch on the Power Bar beside Subwoofer on Stage (this powers everything on stage all at once)
  • Line check each input used to ensure it is working prior to band arrival.
  • Set up and line check Podium Microphone. Set up music stand.
  • Ensure all cables are run neatly, and anything not needed is removed from stage.
  • Insert USB key into FOH mixer to prep for recording. Format on SQ.
  • Ensure streaming camera is charged, move into position at the front of the middle block of seats
  • Prep wireless mic for speaker (including charged batteries)
  • Complete sound check with band and other speakers.
  • Play iPod shuffle for entrance music after sound check is complete.


  • Start USB recording
  • Do an excellent job. If unsure how, consult knowledgeable sound tech for training.

After Service

  • Play iPod shuffle music
  • Stop USB recording, give it to Darryl
  • Put away stage mics in drawer at stage rack
  • Put away wireless mics in drawer at FOH rack
  • Put away the streaming camera and charge it
  • Do a general stage and FOH clean up for next user
  • Play music until about 6:00pm or until most people have left
  • Switch off power bar beside subwoofer
  • Save your scene if desired and switch off FOH board
  • Switch off projector and computer monitor if they were left on

Reference Pictures