Inspired by Dwayne Cline's study on the Authority of Scripture recently, we've decided to rerun this Bible plan. If you haven't joined us before, Darryl Dash did a sermon series on it in 2020, and I wrote a few blog posts to help prepare you for this journey. We're two weeks behind on Lent, but that's okay! We hope you'll join us. And if you haven't started yet, just start this week!

Information on the Bible in 40 days plan.
Preparing for the Bible in 40 days plan.

Day 17 - Monday, March 18: Esther and Job
Day 18 - Tuesday, March 19: Psalm 1 - 50
Day 19 - Wednesday, March 20: Psalm 51 - 100
Day 20 - Thursday, March 21: Psalm 101 - 150
Day 21 - Friday, March 22: Proverbs
Day 22 - Saturday, March 23: Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs
Sunday, March 24 - see you at church!

Sermon by Darryl on Week 4, check it out here.

I found a blog post Darryl did about his experience with the Bible in 40 Days challenge:

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