Hey All,

As was mentioned a few weeks ago at our Saturday gathering some of us would like to begin praying together regularly for the neighbourhood while getting into some of the different corners of LV on foot. I am going to start doing this and would like to invite you all to join me. I want to extend this invitation to a few different groups of people.

  1. Liberty Grace core group members (If you come regularly this is you)
  2. Supporters and guests. Many people are praying for our Church and giving their hard earned money to help us labour in LV on the local level. If this is you please consider dropping in on this group from time to time.

We will be doing this every Wednesday from 6-6:45

First we will gather by the benches near the north wall of the prison chapel in Liberty Park. After that depending on how many of us there are we will split into groups and head of to pray for and explore the community. Each time we gather I'll have specific requests for us to pray over.

Hope to see you there.


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