We're sending out a series of postcards within Liberty Village about our start as a new church in Liberty Village. Here's what our first postcard looks like:

And here's the story.

I really had no idea what approach to take in this advertising campaign. I wanted something fun, creative, and that avoided all the religious clichés out there. No flying doves or angel’s wings please!

I began to think through some of the conversations I’ve had with people since we’ve been in Liberty Village. When they find out we are starting a church, they are generally pretty supportive, but in a puzzled kind of way. They’d ask questions like this:

  • People start new churches? Really?
  • Isn’t that a suburban thing?
  • Liberty Village is young, and churches are for old people. Aren’t they?

I began thinking about some of the ideas that people have when they think of church and began to brainstorm some myths. After all, this campaign is not really meant to advertise to people who are already going to churches, or those who hate churches. It’s more designed for people who think church is okay for other people, but really have never thought of church for themselves.

I began to jot down notes about the kind of church we would like to be. Once I had a few ideas, I shared them around with some of our key leaders. And then we were ready to go.

Almost. Our first designer does excellent work, but had a little too much on his plate. At the last minute we had to switch designers. Our new designer got the job on Saturday of the Labour Day weekend, and had the design to us by Monday just in time for the printer. This past Monday I rushed them down to the post office a little late (talk about stressful!) but got them in. I love it when a plan comes together, even if the process had its moments.

We’re going to tackle a few posts that go into these myths a little deeper. I’m also going to share what I would have done differently if we did this campaign over again.

I’d love to know your reaction to the postcards. I hope they’re a bit fun and cause people to think. It will be interesting when they hit the mailboxes, which should be anytime soon.

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