I was sitting in, of all places, the optometrist’s office in Liberty Village this week when it occurred to me how much I love this community. This thought comes to me quite often: when I’m buying cheese at The Village Cheesemonger, or chocolate at The Golden Apple, when I’m having coffee at any one of the excellent coffee shops, or attending a community event.

Liberty Village is a great community.

Two years ago today, I had lunch at the School Restaurant. I had just finished my role at another church and was planning to start a new church somewhere in downtown Toronto. I remember looking at the new condos being built and thinking how much I would love to be part of a community like this.

We were looking for a community that is downtown, growing, and with no existing churches. It never occurred to me that day that Liberty Village would be the community, but the more we spent time here, the more we loved it.

Here are some things I particularly love about Liberty Village.

The people. We’ve made some great friends in Liberty Village. I know great people are everywhere, but Liberty Village seems to have more than its share.

The proximity. Because the community is in a relatively small area, you end up walking everywhere, shopping in the same stores and seeing many of the same people. It really ends up being what it’s called — a village.

The shops. I can’t say enough about some of the outstanding shops in the area. I’ve had some of the best services and products at shops within the village

The buildings. There is a good mix of old and new in Liberty Village. As an amateur photographer, I’m always finding cool new and old buildings to look at.

The online community. The Facebook group adds a lot to the community. Sure, there’s the odd heated thread, but it’s also a great way to connect with others and find out what’s going on.

I am really enjoying living and working in this community. I’m glad that we started Liberty Grace Church here in what is surely one of the most unique and enjoyable communities I know.

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