We’ve just entered a 28-day lockdown in Toronto. It’s been a long year. Most of us are probably feeling a little weary and isolated right now.

And so we’re trying an experiment.

We’re a small church in Liberty Village — the only church in Liberty Village! We have some volunteers lined up who want to be good neighbours in our community. They are screened and all really good people.

And so if you would like to have a friendly chat with one of them, simply fill out the form below.

I know. Your alarm bells are going right now. What is the agenda? The answer: simply to be friendly. We’ll guard your personal information carefully. You will get precisely one phone call unless you ask for more. We will destroy your personal information after you get that call. We won’t try to sell you anything or convince you to come to our church or anything like that. If you want, we can pray for you, but only if you ask.

Honestly, we just want to be friendly at a time when we could all use a good friend or two. Mostly, we just want to chat.

Please fill out the form below. We’d love to chat. And please look after yourself in these crazy times.

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