Tomorrow, Dwayne will be preaching on Acts 13:13-49 and what resurrection hope means. As the Apostle Paul engages with his Jewish brothers and sisters, he spends time in the synagogue explaining how Jesus is the Messiah. He doesn’t begin with the creation account as they all believe God created the universe. As we engage with religious people around us, how should we share the faith God has given us? What are some of the starting points? Where do we find common ground? The Apostle uses the common ground they share as a bridge to the saving power of Jesus. 

See at 4:00pm!

Other items of note --

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  • Grace Group: On Wednesday, we have Grace Group at 7:00pm! Reply for more information.
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  • Story of Faith: Below is Tammy's Faith Sharing Testimony. Here is a note from her - "An excerpt from a longer piece I wrote in February 2024 in my creative writing program, edited to share with church how God’s grace showed up in my life, and His long-suffering towards me, a very obstinate and slow-to-learn sinner. I became a Christian (eventually) in large part through my foster parents’ example of obedience, love, and grace, despite their all-too-human imperfections, as they tried their best to live a pure religion and care for the orphan in their midst. Content Warning: Minor Swearing, Mention of Physical and Psychological Abuse, Implications of Neglect, Mention of Suicide".
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