Please arrive at 2:30.


  • Unlock the front door.
  • Flags and Sign — Put the flag and sign out on the patio. Add the weight bags to the flag so it doesn’t topple over. Please do this first when you arrive!
  • Communion — Set up communion. Two 2/3 grape juice, 1/3 wine.
  • Children’s Room — Check the washroom in the children’s room for supplies, and empty the garbage if needed.
  • Washrooms — Check for supplies (paper towel, hand soap, toilet paper), and empty the garbages. Put an empty bag in each garbage.
  • Garbage — Empty garbage in main room and put a fresh bag in the pail.
  • Chairs — Straighten chairs.
  • Tidy — Look for stray books, coats, papers, etc. and clean.
  • Offering Plates — Make sure offering plates are put out.
  • Vacuum — If the rug at the entrance to the church is dirty, please vacuum it.


See the coffee instructions.


  • Clean up snack area and coffee 20 minutes after the service ends.
  • Clean up communion. Do not put leftover communion bread in the fridge; we don’t reuse it.
  • Sweep and collect garbage that’s been left behind.
  • Empty garbages and put garbage outside.
  • Get signs from corner of Liberty and Atlantic (if they were put out — check with Darryl).
  • Bring in flag and sign. Please do this last when you leave!
  • Lock doors.

Note: If we run out of any supplies, please list them on the whiteboard on the fridge.