We're pretty predictable. Every Sunday we begin our service by welcoming people. We're usually make a point that we welcome everyone regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey. Skeptical? Curious? New believer? Mature believer? It doesn't matter. Everyone is welcome.

We mean it, too. As a pastor, I dream of our church being filled with people who don't agree with us. If you would classify yourself as someone who is skeptical or curious, you would be welcome at Liberty Grace Church.

Here are three reasons why.

You're Honest

Most people I've met who aren't sure what they believe are honest. They don't mind owning up to their questions and doubts. I love this.

We've all been in situations in which people are faking it, and giving answers they think others want to hear. I can't think of many things I enjoy less. There's something refreshing and compelling about people who are just being honest.

We believe, by the way, that God values our honesty as well. We don't have to pose or pretend.

We want to be a church where everyone can be honest. If you're skeptical or curious, you can help us be this kind of church.

You're Enjoyable

If you read the Bible, you discover something surprising about Jesus: he loved hanging around people who didn't fit in with religious people. Jesus took a lot of flack for hanging around the wrong kind of people. Religious people called him a "friend of sinners," and they didn't mean this as a compliment.

Jesus also spent a lot of time doing non-religious things with them. He visited their homes. He ate meals with them. It's hard to avoid a conclusion: he liked to spend time with non-religious people.

We do too. It's just plain fun to hang around people who think differently than we do, and to enjoy good meals and good friendships. If we only hang around with people who think the same way that we do, we're missing out.

One of our values, by the way, is that we're relational. We care about relationships a lot, including relationships with people who just don't call themselves Christian.

You Fit Our Culture

We really want to be a church that's safe. We want anyone who walks in our doors to know that they're valued, regardless of who they are or what they bring with them. We want to give people the time that they need to explore at their own pace. Simply put, we want to be the most welcoming place in Liberty Village.

We are far from a perfect church. But we aim to be a real church. We take Jesus seriously, and we are committed to the things that he taught. At the same time, we want to follow his example and welcome people who don't fit the "religious" label.

Are you skeptical or curious? You're more than welcome at Liberty Grace Church.

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