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Myth: Church is for Religious People

Here's the third of our postcards, and possibly my favourite. I have to say that our designer found the perfect image for the "Myth" side of our postcard: Here’s the truth. Rather than being a help, religion actually can get in the way of an...

Myth: Church is a Building Where Old People Go

Here's the first of our "Myth" postcards: If you drive around Toronto, you’ll see a ton of old churches. Many of them are in use today, but some of them have declining and aging congregations. Some of them are no longer used as church buildings,...

Myth: Churches are for Suburban Conservatives

Here's the second of our "Myth" postcards: Let’s be honest: without a doubt there are churches that are full of like-minded suburban-dwelling conservatives, but this is by no means an accurate representation of what Church is truly supposed to be. For most of the history...

The Story Behind our Myths Postcards

We're sending out a series of postcards within Liberty Village about our start as a new church in Liberty Village. Here's what our first postcard looks like: And here's the story. I really had no idea what approach to take in this advertising campaign....

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